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Working Environment - London

Other than all the benefits Intelletec has to offer, our main feature you will fall head over heels for is our office. It’s hard to describe how amazing our workspace is but we gave it our best shot.

Find it hard to concentrate sitting in the same spot from 9-5? us too, dead legs are so last season, which is why we chose to work alongside like-minded technology people (our clients, throughout our offices). If you know about The Office Group you’ll understand we don’t need to go into much explanation of why our offices are a cut above the rest, but for those who don’t, let me give you a little sneak peak into our world.                       

The building is filled with fellow start-up companies and the biggest attraction we have found is the genuine community spirit. You know that one neighbour you have that you always go out of your way to say hello to because they beam friendliness? This is the kind of feeling you have walking around the building. 

The Office Group has an online community that gives you the low down on everything that is going on in the building as well as all of the other locations including The Shard. This includes information on the go-to tech events, talks about the hottest startups/inspirational entrepreneurs and of course parties.