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How body language can make or break your interview

Posted on 31/07/2015 by


Those who work in performing arts know the significance of body language.  It is essential to their success. Whilst you may not be collecting your oscar anytime soon, understand how you act during a job interview is every bit a part of how you market yourself and “Build the brand of You”.

What NOT to do when it comes to body language:

1. Do not deliver the “dead fish” handshake. It implies weakness and a lack ofconfidence. Your handshake is your first contact with any interviewer.Stats state it can take anywhere from 3 to 30 seconds for the interviewer to size you up.

2. Crossed arms are a “no no”. This generally means you are blocking and makes you seem uninterested or possibly disengaged.

3. Do not “fidget– wiggle” your feet or endlessly tap or click a ballpoint pen. Don’t crack your knuckles or fiddle with your cufflinks, and don’t shake your legs, whether crossed or uncrossed as all of these actions imply nervousness.

4. Do not stare. Whilst it’s important to be confident and look the interviewer in the eye, but locking eyes with someone for an extended period of time can be interpreted as aggressive, not to mention a little creepy.

5. Do not lounge in your seat. You want to have good posture.

I get it, job interviews can be nerve-racking but as I am reminded every day in business, “it is not just what you say; it is how you say it.”