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The importance of giving feedback

Posted on 6/07/2015 by


One of our pet hates is recruiters that don’t give potential candidates feedback when they are part of an interview or selection process. Not only is this unhelpful for candidates looking for a role, it can make the task of finding an ideal candidate difficult for employers. Here are some all-important unwritten rules recruiters should abide by in order to sustain your brand image and reputation.

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, it’s been noted that recruitment processes are not always effectively dealt with in a professional manner, which has resulted in fewer applicants to choose from and potential applications turning away from applying in the future. It’s imperative to prevent making mistakes before, during and after the interview stages due to the fact that it can seriously damage your brand’s status, which is the last thing any company needs when competition is rife.

Failing to give interview feedback not only to unsuccessful candidates but to selected candidates is just the start of the problem. UK employers are forgetting to tell candidates how they performed in the interview process and what they can improve on for future interviews in order to learn from their mistakes and help them be successful in their next attempt. Applicants who have been fortunate enough to be selected for a job have also claimed they have never been asked how they found the process and if the employer themselves could benefit from constructive criticism for future candidates.

It’s important to assess this and many more factors when going through the interview process, as it seems that people are increasingly keen to share their negative experiences through word of mouth, social media and also on recruitment websites.

At Intelletec, we understand that the recruitment process can be lengthy and time consuming which is why we are committed to helping you find the right candidates to fit your business’ needs. With 60% of our business being referred to us from existing or previous clients, our reputation speaks for itself.

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