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Ways in which your recruitment website will generate revenues for your business.

Posted on 29/07/2015 by Jason Rumney


A week after the launch of our new website & already we have seen a positive effect this is starting to have amongst our target audience.

I want to share with some important points that will help generate revenues amongst your business. Yes it may seem simple yet more often than not I am seeing a number of people fail at the first hurdle.

1. Attracting the Best Consultants  

Firstly how much more revenue would your agency make it you had 50% more top billing consultants than you do already? Using your website to showcase your agency as the vibrant and ambitious organisation( that you claim to be) will  only drive and increase the likelihood of attracting the best consultants into your market. Top consultants make more quality placements & will only help scale your business.

2. Brand Exposure & Awareness   

It takes a change in mindset to realise a return on a financial investment is not limited to financial gain. Your website is the first point of contact to your business (whether you like it or not!) whether potential client, candidate or future employee. The messaging and imagery will leave a lasting impression on your visitors which will be hard to change therein. This, over time, will build your brand and reputation that guaranteed to bring in more business

3. Increased Visitors & Registrations  

In today’s data-driven world it’s essential that you know how many visitors you get to your website & what the conversion rate is. It's very simple, but those that are Increasing website traffic and conversion rates will increase the number of quality candidates via online job applications. This in turn will mean more placements, which brings more revenue to your consultancy.

4. Increased Client Leads  

All working relationships start with some form of cold contact. Engaging content that positions your company as an industry thought-leader, combined with easy contact forms or applications processes, will only maximise inbound new business opportunities.

When you browse your website, can you genuinely hold your hand up and say ‘This offers a quality experience to new and existing clients and candidates’? Fail to get this right, you will suffer the consequences.

5. Social Sharing   

In 2015, it is not unusual for consultants to have more followers on Twitter, connections on LinkedIn and friends on Facebook than their corporate counterparts. Rather than hiding your consultants away from your website, showcase them. Recruitment is a people business – take advantage of that.

Combining your brand with the individual brand of your consultants will increase your brand reach into well-honed networks which will drive visitors, conversion rates, placements and revenue to your business. This will position you well ahead of your competitors while they still argue over who should be managing the company Twitter account.

Check in for more next week