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Why job descriptions are important to retain staff

Posted on 1/07/2015 by


One of the most important documents an employer will have to produce when recruiting new staff is a job description. This can be advertised on a recruitment website, a company’s career page or in a publication, however it’s extremely important more so than ever to get the job specification correct from the off and here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s been said that if a job is poorly defined from the start, it’s likely to result in the wrong calibre of applicants which in turns wastes value time sifting through CV’s as well as time actually interviewing. Get it right straight away and make sure you get those already in the job already to write the specification, if the role is new then look at similar roles advertised on the internet. At Intelletec, we are committed to helping our clients - be it employees or employers

  • Detailed Job descriptions are important as they can help plan staffing programs and form the foundations of the next steps in the recruitment process, for example candidate selection and setting expectations for future employees. It’s the employer’s job to be transparent and bring clarity to the job advertisement so that both parties are fully understanding of what is expected from each team member. Furthermore, it provides structure and ultimately forms the foundations of a successful business.

  • A well-written and thought out job specification can be of huge value to organisations as it increases productivity due to the fact the prospective new employees are aware of their aims and responsibilities in the specific role.​

  • A well-defined job description will allow for a high calibre of candidates, and will attract those who feel they carry the attributes which your company may desire for the advertised role. Once the right candidate has been selected, the original job description can be reflected upon during appraisals in order to set goals and aims for the future.

If you would like more information on how Intelletec can help you find the right candidate, get in touch today and one of our recruitment specialists will be happy to help.