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Do you “look like an engineer”

Posted on 7/08/2015 by


The #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign has stormed social media this week. There has been controversial debate on whether this was just a cleverly devised recruitment stunt or genuine campaign to raise awareness of the gender gap in the engineering sector.

The digital revolution started when Isis Wenger appeared on this ad;


In response, people began tweeting misogynistic comments to her suggesting that the ad appealed to men, that it wasn’t what a female engineer looked like, and that there were “comedians in the marketing department.” However there were over 40 thousand tweets supporting Isis in her campaign of gender stereotyping, here are a few I think are just great;


This has not been the first time women have used social media to combat gender stereotypes in the workforce. Last June women scientists used the #distractingissexy hashtag and shared photos of themselves at work after a comment made by Nobel laureate Tim Hunt, who said "three things happen when [women] are in the lab, you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them they cry." Social media is a great resource to tap into for recruitment. Next week I will look further into how you can optimize this resource.