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Exploring mobile apps

Posted on 19/08/2015 by


With an ever growing Mobile market rising to prominence, it appears many are jumping on the bandwagon and turning ideas into reality by releasing the “next big thing” for Mobile Apps.

It is easy to say you want to create an app, be it as an extension of your business to reach mobile platforms, or as a completely new business venture. I’m not one to judge but it would appear there are some ideas for Apps that are doomed for failure.

So is a Mobile App the right idea for your company?

This a no brainer in reality…. by the end of 2015, there will be over 1 Mobile device to every 2 humans on the planet [1]. As crazy as this statistic may appear,  I appreciate in reality that a significant number of these devices will be out of use.

There are many reasons one would look to build an app, including;

  • Increased visibility to customers/users
  • Adding value to your customers
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Increase ease of use for your service/products
  • To entertain

It is mind boggling when you realise the potential number of consumers and clients you can reach through a mobile app. However, it is important to outline realistic estimations of time frames and costs for you to consider when approaching a build.

According to a study carried out by American based App Agency, Formotus, more than 50% of Apps took 7- 12+ months to create when built in house. Also costing average £200,000, worth noting that 30% of in house built apps cost under the 6-figure mark. Should you look at using an Agency, you could see this cost at least halved. This may seem as a high number but this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of long term outlay, Formotus quoting initial outlay is roughly 35% of total long term costs [2]. Not forgetting about updates, which you can expect to see 2-3 a year.

This insight is just one route to look at. Alternatives exist in Subscription Software Services such as Mobile CRM’s.

The desire to carry out in house development is to ensure you have created exactly what you want, considering you will know your users and how they think. Expect a company to need Backend Developers, Mobile Developer and Designers within a team initially to go down this route. The cost of these individuals can be found in Anthony’s blog about average prices for developers ( in the UK.

I’m only touching the surface here, but what do you think the best option for a first time build is and what are the biggest considerations in your approach?