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Overpaid Software Developers?!

Posted on 5/08/2015 by


According to Money News [1], Software Developers are amongst the top 10 Overpaid Jobs and this post elaborates further. Over the last year alone, software developers’ salaries have increased by over 8% (Forbes [2]).  

So why such an increase? 

Have developers up-skilled?

Can they now do more in the last year than they could before?

The evolution of technology has been crucial in the evolution of our species, think about how much software you actually have in your life;

  • iPhone/Android Phone

  • Mac/PC/Laptop

  • The Internet – Online shopping, news and so much more.

  • Games – Mobile, xBox, PlayStation

  • Technology in healthcare

Thinking about it realistically a lot of people would be truly lost without technology. Look at how much it has improved:

  • Graphics on games

  • Functionality across PC’s

  • Overall speed & quality of websites (including loading times)

Taking all of the above into account (this is just a snapshot). Look at how hard today's developers truly have to work to master their trade in an ever evolving sector.Take Javascript frameworks for example in the last three years along there have been considerable changes to the frameworks used;

  • Backbone

  • Ember

  • Angular

  • React

  • Knockout

  • Dojo

Albeit each of these frameworks have different qualities and all serve a purpose how on earth is a “Javascript Developer” supposed to keep up to date?

Alan Eustace (SVP at Google) at Google (who currently employ over 10,000 software developers [3] stated that “A top-notch engineer is worth three hundred times or more than an average engineer … "I’d rather lose an entire incoming class of engineering graduates than one exceptional technologist.”[4]

Over time, web technologies have evolved to give web developers the ability to create new generations of useful and immersive web experiences ( Web technologies are also crucial to the economic state of a number of countries.

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So I’ll ask the question again: 

Are Software Developers overpaid, I've come to my conclusion, what's yours?​​