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How to avoid a social media meltdown

Posted on 16/09/2015 by


For large organisations' social media crises have become a daily part of the news. Whether it is an employee going rogue or a hacker taking over a corporate account, a lot of these social media crises can be avoided. Not by extensive (and expensive) security programmes or banning the use of social media at work, but just by common sense.

How can your company avoid a social media crisis? Check out these common social media blunders that can quickly lead to a crisis, and my suggestions to avoiding a similar experience for your company.

 1. Embarrassing typos or grammar blunders can do massive damage to a brand's reputation. To avoid these types of typos, it is imperative that you proofread diligently. It is also a good idea to have a second set of eyes look at your work before it gets published. Before writing any of blogs I send it out to my colleagues to proof read.​


2. A slow response or even worse a complete lack of response to an inquiry or complaint via social media can escalate quickly into a full-blown crisis. This also leads on to do not ignore or delete complaints on social media, always respond or end up causing more damage!  According to Convince and convert 70% of companies ignore customer complaints on twitter.

3. Avoid offensive comments. Keep in mind that everything you put out there online can and will be retweeted, shared, captured, and recorded forever. Your professional image should be protected at all times, and taken into consideration with every action you take via social media. Let's take for example the gentleman who did not know a simple remark would become a media sensation. Just because the message you sent to someone goes to their inbox privately, does not mean that they cannot make your private message very public. My tip is when using social media for business related reasons such as linkedin keep this extremely seperate from your personal life.

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The best way to help prevent some of these things from happening is making sure if your social media is being run by a team or even just one person, is too have set guidelines of rules when posting on the accounts. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes are made and can not be avoided so make sure you are prepared with recovery action you plan on taking!

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