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6 Ways to MAXimize your “active” job seeker status

Posted on 9/10/2015 by


We’re all too busy to find the best jobs for ourselves aren’t we? The majority say “yes”. That’s why 67.9% of people say they found they’re last job when they weren’t looking for one in a global report published this year. You’re prioritizing this item that consumes most of your waking life at the bottom of your product backlog? Yes, the majority of people move into jobs that come to them. Is this the most effective way for people to find the best possible opportunities available for their future development and for remuneration for your work (money or otherwise)? If you’re lucky then yes it is.

However if you’re the 32.1% read on.. To paint the picture, I’ve recently changed jobs myself and I fell into this minority. I took a strategic approach to plotting my next move. As soon as you enter the job market you’re exposing your personal brand to the whole marketplace rather than the more manageable brand you were building in your organization. Here are my battle secrets;

  1. Create your top ten: make a bucket list of the companies you most admire in your area (industry and geographically). Products you’re passionate about, leaders and tech stacks you want to work with.
  2. Know your criteria: Don’t entertain taking other people’s time speaking to clients or recruiters before you know what you want. If you’re clear and honest from the outset then you will keep your brand in-tact.
  3. Take recruitment calls: That perfect job may come along and hit you in the face. If you’ve followed the last steps you’ll recognize it when it arrives.
  4. Take more recruitment calls: Every time you answer the phone your brand is exposed, news travels fast, be polite, be punctual. If you can’t manage that, don’t answer.
  5. Network: You’re always too busy. You never talk to anyone new. Go! Now! Get down to the industry event, this is the most useful time for you to find out what’s going on out there.
  6. Be proactive not reactive: More than 50% of jobs aren’t advertised. Message that engineer you met at that conference that works for the company on your bucketlist. Or approach that recruiter who claims to work with the best Agile houses. You got an email about that company you wish you pursued 6 months ago. Get back in touch.

Yes the perfect job my land in your lap, hopefully if us recruiters are doing our job the right way then it will. If you don’t prioritize that item at the top of your next sprint you won’t recognize that perfect prize when it punches in you in the face.