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How effective is social media within recruitment?

Posted on 14/10/2015 by


The social media phenomenon has changed the recruitment platform as we once knew it.  Social media has opened new paths and revolutionised the job application process for both employers and employees.  In this post I will be exploring what I believe to be the three top sites that have changed how we use social media, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These pages have become an ingrained phenomenon with mass appeal, which we just cant live without. Facebook, where 74% of professionals maintain a profile, is seen as an indispensable method for connecting with friends and family. Twitter is also hugely popular, with recently conceived networks such as Google+ and Instagram taking a smaller share of the market.

Among jobseekers and recruiters alike LinkedIn is perceived as royalty of the social media channels.  For recruiters they have access to the world’s largest pool of professionals, easily filtering profiles by location, skills, industry and many more. Businesses are able post jobs onto LinkedIn’s job board reaching a huge audience, with 15 million UK users currently on LinkedIn. Candidates actively looking can then with one effortless click see which job advertisements match their skills and experience, simply from information taken from their LinkedIn profile. Tools such as these have transformed endless hours of searching the web too one simple click. You are able to state as little or as much information on your profile.

Other effective channels through social media for recruitment are Facebook and Twitter pages. These pages can be used more for a company to advertise and reach a greater audience through marketing ploys. They are also able to advertise open positions within the company, which people can share, like and comment on. This is a cost effective use of advertisement, as you continue to grow your page and attract a higher audience your company is likely to become better known and spoken about.  Using less professional social media accounts is also a great way for customers to interact with a company with feedback and ideas for the future, something that we have never been able to do before. Always remember; Build on your company’s strengths. A long-term plan for your social media has a greater chance of success with targeting a larger audience.

From a recruitment perspective – the recruiter tools that are available to such websites as LinkedIn, have given the industry the ever-important competitive edge in a completely new and invaluable format.