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Personality or Experience: What to look for while hiring candidates?

Posted on 11/11/2015 by


As we are now currently hiring at Intelletec our first thought as a team is what traits are we looking for in candidates, traits we all agree are essential to success on our team here at Intelletec. Here are our top 3;

Positive Attitude. Do they have that positive, Can-do attitude? You can train a lot of things, but an attitude isn’t one of them.

Initiative. Initiative is critical to us when hiring. We like to see how the person uses their initiative to prepare for the interview—or doesn’t. I’ll be honest; too many people turn up for interviews without doing the preparation! The candidates that impress me most are the ones who are proactive, not reactive.

Independent Working Skills. In this virtual world, you must be able to delegate a task and trust the person to do it.If you're going to run a team based around the globe, you need to trust they will wor

Putting someone in a position for which they are not suited results in challenges for everyone from managers to clients to the employee him or herself. Our job as recruitment agency is to select the candidates with these skills and natural talents and then match them to appropriate job that allows them to thrive.

What do you think are important qualities in your team? I’d be interested to hear your desired talents and strengths for candidates in the comments below.

Alternatively if you are interested in finding out more about our current roles you can drop me an email or visit our work- for- us page on the website