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Kiss my Apps: The Mobile Boom

Posted on 11/02/2016 by


As we continue on the never ending road in the digital age, the importance of mobile based development will continue to grow. Love it or hate it we live behind our screens, and all aspects of technology will cater to that. As the need to increase app speed and decrease the time from idea to product, the need for more engineers’ increases.

The Numbers:

Numbers talk, and these figures are loud

  • There are 224 million monthly active app users in the US alone, two-thirds the population
  • There were 12.57 Billion paid mobile app downloads globally in 2015, up 1.4 Billion from 2014
  • 179 Billion total app downloads in 2015, an increase of 51 Billion from 2014 
  • Mobile advertisement spending is to top $100 Billion globally this year 

What does this imply?

Well, the tides are changing, and the world is trending towards mobile apps and away from web based applications. With our fast-paced on the go society, it's not just Candy Crush and Facebook anymore, it’s email and mobile banking too. The practicality is there, with the average American spending an average of 3 hours on smartphones daily (non-voice time). 

Impact on the tech world

The app craze has sent the entrepreneurial world into a frenzy. Silicon Valley has spread into many mini tech hubs worldwide including London, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Estonia. Located by Silicon beach in Santa Monica, I’ve seen first-hand the tech startup boom, and its effect on finding top talent.

With every great idea comes the need to place a product at the fingertips of the consumer. The new age mobile world has changed the landscape for engineers and recruiters alike. With increased need for mobile engineers, comes a hungry flock of recruiters. 

Impact on recruiting.

As a technical recruiter who specializes in placing mobile developers 25/7 across Los Angeles, one may say this is a prime environment to take advantage of the market. 

On the contrary.  Despite what you may think, the recruiting pool of talent that is readily available at any given time is in short supply. The majority of mobile engineers are happy where they are, what they’re doing. As far as they’re concerned, that is. There are endless opportunities with rapidly growing startups unbeknownst to them. Studying the market, companies, and the candidate is what gives me value.

Middle Ground

A mutual understanding between mobile engineers and recruiters can be had. I understand that you are in high demand, and an absolute necessity for the vast majority of companies to be successful. True relationships on this strange but necessary platform is how the tech world goes ‘round. It’s time to call a truce. 


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