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Apple, what have you gone and done...

Posted on 20/07/2016 by



Granted everyone hates that one person at a concert who records the whole show on their phone blocking the view, and generally being an inconvenience - they should of stayed at home, purchased the dvd and saved themselves the arm ache. But admittedly we have all slipped our phone out to record a quick snippet of our favourite artist to relive the moment, we need them to help with the struggle of serious blues the next day right?

But things are about to change, for the better? I’m not convinced. Apple’s latest patent have devised a way to prevent your smartphone from recording footage, using infrared signals.

The idea is that an infrared emitter can be placed wherever recording may be prohibited, i.e. concert venues. The beam signals with encoded data can be picked up by smartphone cameras, which include instructions for the phone to disable video capturing.

I am all for being in the moment, but I love looking back at old videos of my favourite artist (The first time I saw Example play at Islington academy, in the mosh pit, takes me to my happy place) but do the disadvantages out weigh the pros? Without making this piece too sad, we don’t know what the future holds and might not be lucky enough to still have our memory when we get that free oyster card, nor have the people that are with us in these videos.

The advantages stated for the new feature are as follows; if you pointed your camera at a museum exhibit, infrared signals could beam information about what you’re looking at. Considering most museums are interactive in 2016 and would not display an artefact without information I’m not sure how much this is required. But tips regarding discounts on a product in a store, I would welcome with open arms.

adele-imgDo you agree with Adele? Or do you think for the price we pay for tickets this should allow us a 60 second video?

For those that missed Adele, “Could you stop filming me with that video camera? Because I’m really here in real life, you can enjoy it in real life rather than through your camera.”

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