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What makes a hard hitting production for business?

Posted on 14/07/2016 by


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the ‘How to expand your business using video’ networking event held at the very cool Jigsaw24 HQ in Piccadilly Circus (they have egg chairs in reception - Ikea eat your heart out). Greeted with a glass wine it was down to business, as guest speaker and Director Laurie Castelli-Gair took to the stage.

Laurie is an expert in his field and covers everything from commercial, digital content, corporate video and photography - you may have noticed a few advertisements by the man himself, the James Villa advert that gave us seriously itchy feet? yes, he’s the one to blame. 

Castelli & Company

Coming from a film background I am always eager to hear the thought process of others in regards to what makes a successful production. Laurie broke down the basis to his theory with a simple formula;

“Be the storyteller,

be useful,

be visual,

be in the game,

and simply, be good”

With over 75% of all engagement now made from video, it is essential that a business embraces the change and understands what makes a successful production stand out. Samsung are set to spend $14 billion alone this year through high end production advertisements in comparison to Apple who have been estimated to bill just $1 billion.

But does high end always mean better quality? Having watched the new video advertisements for both companies, Apple have shown that a strip backed, simple message can outshine any high tech production. The beautiful Game consists of a montage of still images, with poetry narrating the video.

The beautiful game by Apple

If you think of campaigns that have personally hit home, authenticity has and will always be key. As a new recruit to the company Intelletec, video has been something I couldn’t wait to introduce. We have now created IntellectTV a youtube channel which like Apple, we will simply give the viewer what they want. We will be running a series of Vlogs exploring how we can give back and help you!

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