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The Avi App Giving Sight To The Blind

Posted on 16/08/2016 by


Technology truly amazes me, and with a background in healthcare the development in this area holds a particular interest.

Today I read an article that puts in perspective how far we have come in regards to technology breakthroughs, as a in-development mobile app called Avi has been created in aid to help give sight to the blind.

This alone is amazing, but the story behind the creation is truly inspirational as the developer of the app is just nineteen years old!

Statics show one person every minute in the world loses their sight, meaning technology has had to move fast. We have seen products such as Smart Glasses and AL glasses helping in the breakthrough but what has been so desperately needed has been a universal product that is easily accessible to the everyday person.

Juan Pablo Ortiz, developed the app in order to help a sight-impaired friend of his in Guatemala, who is now one of the app’s first beta testers. Juan has been coding since he was thirteen and used Windows 10 to create Avi.

The app uses the camera of a smartphone to scan the world for objects, people, and text; before using audio to relay this information to the vision-impaired users. The most important feature in the development is its ability to a scan a person describing whether they are male or female, their approximate age and what the person is doing.

With no medical background, Juan’s passion and self taught knowledge has proven with the backing of brands/investors anyone can help impact the medical future. With bright minds such as Juan putting their expertise to good use I cannot wait to see how much more can be achieved in helping such a cause.

But how will you use technology to upgrade the world?