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The Productivity Cage

Posted on 6/09/2016 by


It has been drilled into us since childhood that for the best productivity we must have a structured environment. For example at nursery, we are told beanbags are assigned for play/relaxation time and a desk/table for work. But have things finally changed for the better?

My creative juices flow when I am comfortable, surrounded by like minded people, in a relaxed atmosphere. Sitting for hours on end at the same desk, in the same setting, has always been a problem and after five minutes in the same dreary spot usually leads to at least an hours day dream - according to every one of my school reports. 

We are accepted as individuals and our methods of how we work by our bosses/colleagues, i.e  some of us live by to do lists, some make voice notes, some drown themselves in post it notes (guiltyyyy) so should employers listen to which working environment we are most productive?

In a recent survey conducted by consisting of 3,1000 professionals between the ages of 20 and 60 Plus, 65% felt that they worked better somewhere other than the traditional office. With the top reasons being they would subject to fewer interruptions from colleagues, could avoid unnecessary meetings as well as other office politics.

As a result of the survey, 81% of respondents said that the ability to work from home/comfortable setting would make them feel more loyal to their employers.

I am extremely fortunate to work within a WeWork chain, home of the start ups and laid back office culture. I can choose to work on a sofa with a green tea, at my desk in the office, in a booth with just me and my laptop or in the communal area next to the retro sweets. Personally the variety of freedom here allows me to continuously stay focused and motivated. Excuse the plug, but we are currently hiring in our London office, if you are keen to break the mould of the traditional working structure check out our hunted page -

The survey also revealed given more work time flexibility, almost all (97%) of the 3,100 respondents felt their quality of life would improve and 87% said it would reduce their overall stress. Will you be making the suggestion to ditch the swirly chairs for bean bags in the communal area at the next meeting? or do you think this working trend will be sure to fizzle out?