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Unemployment and The Power Of Social Media

Posted on 9/09/2016 by


I love social media, flaws and all, I truly love the power it upholds. I shared a post on the Intelletec Linkedin page yesterday via Forbes regarding an article on how social media can be your best friend during the time of unemployment.

I am a prime example of how the power of social media can open a window of opportunities, but this will only happen if you allow yourself to bare all. When the dream of working in a creative industry was short lived I had a long period of ‘what the hell do I do now’, it’s fair to say to any prospective employer I do not look great on paper, due to trailing out a few industries to see where else my personality and skill set would fit. After hating the sales industries I had forced myself into I made the decision to quit and go back to basics to find a job I genuinely had a passion for.

I felt like I had applied for a million jobs online, and with little response due to my ‘job hopper’ profile I had nothing to loose and turned to social media for a little helping hand. When I was sixteen, back in the days of Myspace (god I feel old) I reached out to a UK film director, I can’t remember my exact message but it was something extremely cringe worthy asking if I could be his right hand woman and do Nando’s lunch runs. Without putting myself out there and using this social media platform I would not have received a reply, nor the opportunity to work with the legend on two of his films.

Like every other social media platform you want to convey the very best version of yourself, Instagram - we’re tanned, skinny and starry eyed, Twitter - we’re witty and on trend, Linkedin - we’re an overachiever and Snapchat, we’re dogs?

With previous colleagues/bosses/uni friends on Linkedin I did not want everyone to know that yet again I had failed, but simply if you don’t ask, you don’t get. With nothing to lose I posted a meme on Linkedin, which simply read ‘need money for Chanel’ with a picture of woman begging on the street. This post had a 1,000 people view my profile and reach out in the space of three days, to the point I had to turn down calls with recruiters as my phone was off the hook 24/7. Honesty, using your initiative and thinking outside the box when using social media will allow people to relate and buy into you as a person, making it a hell of lot easier for recruiters to learn about you other than your resume.  

Putting pride aside and simply tweet, post, and share an update saying you are available. If you are active in the following methods opportunities and referrals will be sure to knock on your door:

  • Build your Linkedin network - Connect, connect, connect!
  • Conduct a Facebook search
  • Tweet you are available
  • Don’t be shy - ask for referrals!
  • Find an app - Apps such as  CareerArc Job Search could be find your dream job at your fingertips!
  • Follow who you want to work for - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest show your interest!

If anyone has a success story of how the power of social media has helped you please share, I would love to hear your thoughts!