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Why A Networking Event Should Be Part Of Your Weekly Schedule

Posted on 30/09/2016 by


Ever since I was a teenager I have loved networking events. I used to go to networking for film at the BFI centre Southbank before I even had business cards just to get a feel of the people in the industry. Although not everyone shares my passion, and for some networking events can seem like hell. 

As my building is home to various start ups and most of our work is done in the communal areas networking has become part of the daily routine. I make it rain with my business cards. So I thought I would share my top tips of how to boss any networking event!

1 - Set Your Event Goals

To ensure you make the most of each networking event and meet everyone in the room it is a good idea to start by setting your event goals. Whether they are how many people you want to connect with or what information you want to take away. 

2 - Research Your Targets

After setting your goals you will need to do some research on how you can achieve them. By researching speakers before hand and identifying event attendees you can ensure you are using your time wisely and most importantly make a serious good impression having read their blogs/tweets.

3 - Make a List And Mingle

The safe route. It’s easy to limit yourself to a certain person/group at an event, by making a list of people you want to connect with will ensure you work your way round the room. 

4 - Follow Up 

It doesn’t matter how much research you do or how well you woo your targets if you fail to follow up with them after the event! So connect, follow and message! 

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