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Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most Agile of them all?

Posted on 5/10/2016 by


At the end of the 2 part series, you will know which Tech company in London is the most Agile. As a tech recruiter, one of the most valuable things I can do for contacts is to give insights into the market. I spend all day matching companies and candidates to each other and I can’t do that effectively without a good insight into the overall market I’m working in.

Luckily I’ve been privileged enough to work with some of the Agile leaders (in my opinion) in London. So I have asked people for years their opinions on how Agile companies are. I have been searching the web for data to corroborate my opinions and there really isn’t much out there. The Agile Awards have been going for 7 years, which are based on nominations and public votes. Although true to my cynical recruiter nature this doesn’t seem to be entirely impartial. I’m suspicious that the shortlist for nominees is biased. I’m not alone - Fishy Agile Awards.    

The problem is that Agile is very hard to quantify therefore it’s hard to measure and my opinion was essentially based on lots of opinions. So I thought I’d create a really hard-set of parameters to test against like automation test coverage etc. Then I realized I’m fine with opinions because Agile is about the softer skills that can’t be measured, it’s all about humans.

So I’m going to conduct a survey of the market speaking to people from a wide range of London tech companies in a wide range of roles to get a fair cross-section. To try and encourage as many responses as possible I wanted to keep things as simple as possible and asking for two opinions. Then more of a factual question to try to nullify the bias, from the Agile manifesto’s measure of Agile; working software.


Which is the most Agile company you’ve worked at?

Who is the best Agile leader you’ve worked with?

Which previous company had the most consistent fully functioning software? With the least downtime?


True to Agile please collaborate and share your answers in the comments below..