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New Year, New… November?

Posted on 17/11/2016 by


It’s not often I have a weekend in, so when I do, I try to make it as productive as possible. As we all know, sometimes there is just not enough time during the week to pre plan, so a reflective weekend was well overdue for me. With all my general tasks complete I found myself able to plan a little further ahead than the contents of my meal prep, which led to thoughts of the New Year.

With this in mind I downloaded the Wunderlist app (for those who don’t know, the purpose of the platform is to create to-do lists - that give a very satisfying tick sound when each task is completed). With the download complete, I was able to create a New Year’s Resolutions/Bucket List for 2017 - I was impressed with myself for the download alone to be honest.

Now I know some people cringe at the ‘New Year, New Me’ status’s that tsunami wave onto social media as soon as the clocks strike 12, and if they’re followed by the ‘100’ emoji, I too roll my eyes. But for those who have an authentic resolution I hit the like button with a ‘‘you go glen coco’ comment underneath.

This is the first year I have ever done this, I’m never usually this prepared, and I do realise I seem like a keeno considering we are yet to reach December, but to quote a certain Benjamin Franklin “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”.  

Most people look forward to January for the fresh start, and to break those over induldging habits, but this year in order to succeed I wanted to give myself a head start. If you do too but need a little persuading why you should jump on board, below are a few benefits that helped give me the much needed nudge.

1 - Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Other than the most obvious benefits, (cough, empty gyms before the new Herbalife recruits season begins) starting your resolutions early allows you time to figure out if you can realistically achieve your goals, or if they need to be altered. If you are thinking about developing a particular skill/area by undertaking a course or qualification for 2017 it’s a good idea to enquire, sign up and book before the the new year, as spaces fill up quickly!

2 - The Feel Good Factor!

Quite simply taking the plunge into battling your resolutions early gives you a sense of self achievement. Come January, you could be well on your way to seeing the benefits of your goals which will in turn help aid the January blues.

3 - Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

Stats show only 8% of us keep to the New Year’s Resolution we set, due to the circumstance in which we set them. Thinking of our resolutions on the spot due to social pressure, i.e. your colleague plans to lose a stone and travel to five new countries, encourages us to not only set unrealistic resolutions, but as they are spur of the moment, possible hurdles are not considered in depth. As an incentive to help me achieve my goals I have set rewards for each, i.e. learning spanish via the Duolingo app I will treat myself to a holiday to Spain to put my knowledge to practise.

4 - The Power Of Social Media

Studies also show 33% of those who announce their resolutions on social media have a higher chance of achieving them as this generates commitment -  The more people you tell, the more obliged you feel to carry them out!

So get Wunderlist at the ready!