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"So you basically get paid to tweet and post a few photos"​

Posted on 27/02/2017 by Jerri Howlett


As I have experienced first hand and anyone else in a social media role your job is perceived by the outside as "so you basically get paid to tweet and post a few of photos", now while obviously yes we do post photos on Instagram and tweet there’s a lot more to the job. In one of my previous blogs I told of how my personal experience with social media helped me land a longed for role in marketing, but from researching the industry it is apparent businesses are slacking in taking social media managers/content writers as serious as those with a marketing title.

On average the salary of a Marketing Manager in London is £37,500 where a Social Media Manager stands at approx £25,500 per annum. With statistics like this it can be a little disheartening to those who are trying to create a serious career from their passion. But there are exceptions, entrepreneurs who have used social media to make millions. I’ve put together my top three inspirational role models who have used social media platforms to kick start their career and achieve amazing things!

Jamal Edwards, MBE - SBTV / Social Media Platform - Youtube

I love Jamal and everything he stands for. His journey has got to be one of the most inspirational for my generation. I have been following Jamal for years, not literally no need to start dialling 999, but his brand SBTV. For those who don’t know SBTV is one of the leading online youth broadcasters covering all angles in and out of the music scene, in particular my beloved grime. Millions of views in the past month SB.TV is the leader in its field of new media broadcasters, an online music lifestyle channel attracting a global audience. Broadcasting exclusively on the internet, the number of views and subscriptions are continuing to rise (SBTV currently has 812,706 subscribers • 478,781,965 views).

I met Jamal in 2011 after his first SBTV christmas party held at KOKO London, he was so grounded and genuine it made me admire him even more.

“I wasn’t business minded at all. It’s better to start with passion. People start off thinking about money – and it’s good thinking about money – but when you think about the passion it starts to make money. That’s the right way to do it. Everyone used to say you don’t have the right sound or equipment but I say make do with what you have.”

2) Joe Wicks - The Body Coach / Social Media Platform - Instagram

If you don’t know who Joe Wicks is I don’t know what hole you have been hiding in because this cheeky chappy is everywhere. Now at 1.3million Instagram followers, me being one of them (I pretty much live on his leanin 15 chili bowl) Joe is a social media sensation. The same as Jamal, Joe begun his career simply following his passion as a online nutrition coach and PT. He started posting recipes on his Instagram and slowly began to build a following leading him to transform over 100,000 clients!

“In two years it's gone from a small little business where I was just emailing everyone myself, to having 90,000 clients and 50 members of staff in an office in Richmond. When I started my social media I never set out to make a business. I never knew I was going to make money from it. It was more that I was just having fun and doing my thing.”

Jonah Peretti - Buzzfeed CEO / Social Media Platform - Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube

No doubt you too have lost a number of hours on Buzzfeed, watching the top 50 funniest cat moments hell yes! The site is now thought to be worth over $1 billion, enough said.

If you are in a social media role it is so important to utilise your skills and expand your online presence; freelance, research, network, promote yourself and invest time in your own ideas!