New beginnings

24 November 2017 by Jason Rumney

​So..November! The Intelletec team visited what is commonly billed as the UK’s largest data and analytics events. Big Data LDN delivered on its promise to be an exciting gathering of experts and analysts across the fields of Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud technologies, and more.

I have been recruiting in the Data Science space for a number of years now and after joining Intelletec a couple of weeks back, I was excited to get stuck in, represent our brand and introduce myself to those participating in the conference. I also took it as a chance to be able to learn from numerous pioneers and visionaries in the data community as well as getting a unique look at the current state of the data landscape in the UK, opposed to my normal territory - the US.

Over five thousand attendees visited this unique two-day event, which is open to everyone. Big Data London featured 80 exhibitors, over 100 speakers, and five theaters with live demos.

Day one opened with Neha Narkhede, co-founder and CTO of Confluent, speaking on the rise of the streaming platform and building large scale operable data systems. And @Amr Awadallah, CTO of Cloudera, discussing machine learning, AI and data analytics on day two.

At the risk of making overly bold statements, the tools for handling, transforming, and applying advanced machine learning techniques to data are quite possibly advancing faster than any other technology field today. With better tools, comes a better understanding of how we should be doing analytics and how we should use the resulting information, all of which is evolving rapidly.

This event was a great start to my journey with Intelletec. Big Data London combined with the exceptional onboarding process with Gary and Jason has given me the perfect platform to apply my knowledge and dive deeper into the Data Science space, building on what I already knew and developing a stronger understanding of the Data market.

Excited to see what 2018 has in store!