Recruiters - Friend or Foe?

02 January 2019 by Rachel Whalley

​Now you may think we are biased here, and the truth is we are a little bit...but we can promise this blog post is not. Sadly, agency recruiters often have a bad rep, but why is this?

They have the inside knowledge of what their clients, the hiring company, are really looking for, and their direct relationships can benefit you. How many times have you applied for a job role and not heard anything back from the company? You are left with no response, no feedback and no idea of how to improve your next application or interview. With a recruiter it is almost guaranteed this will not happen, especially if they have reached out to you - you are pretty sure to get and interview, and if it isn't a good fit they will let you know and most importantly, let you know why.

As well as this, agency recruiters can help you prepare for an interview, rather than having to go into one blind. They know that the hiring manager is more interested in how you can solve problems creatively, rather than how great your coding skills are, and can help you highlight your achievements, experience and the qualifications they will be most impressed by. Once you get an offer, your recruiter can help you with the salary negotiations - they are on your side, after all the more you make the more they do.

Say this interview doesn't work out, its a shame but it is okay. Not only will you be sure to get feedback and pointers for your next application, the agency recruiter works with multiple clients so they will most likely have another role that would be suitable for you. Perhaps most importantly working with an agency recruiter is totally free for you, and not only could it take away a lot of the stress that comes with job searching, they could help you find and land your dream role.

So next time an agency recruiter reaches out, take the time to hear them out - it could life changing. If you would like to hear more from us or enquire about working together, please get in touch.