10 things that make a great manager

17 July 2019 by Rachel Whalley
Manager Workplace

​Being a manager is difficult, you are often managing people who are different to yourself and so prefer a different style to what you work best with. Google recently started a rather bold project, they set out to prove that managers don't matter. In short, as Business Insider explains, the experiment was an utter disaster.

Not being fazed by their failure, Google pivoted their study to research the opposite - what are the common behaviours of the best managers? They created a list of 10 attributes, backed up with data, of things the best managers know how to do.

#1 Be a good coach

Integral to being a good coach is caring about your employees, if you care then you will invest your time and energy to help them become better versions of themselves. On top of this, you understand that you are a facilitator not a fixer. Ask them the questions, don't give them the answers.

#2 Empower teams and don't micromanage

No one likes to be micromanaged. Managers who empower are seen as influential and inspiring, and the employees who are empowered have higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

#3 Inclusivity, success and well-being

Employees gain great fulfilment from being part of a wining team, and the best managers facilitate a team spirit and interdependence.

#4 Be productive & results-oriented

Treat productivity with importance, and make sure you give your employees the tools to be as productive as possible.

#5 A strong communicator

Being a strong communicator involves as much listening as it does speaking. Listen to your employees, and then make sure you are both clear on expectations and actions points.

#6 Have a clear vision

Make sure you have a strategy, but get buy in from your team in building it. Especially if it's in early stages, it means your employees will be invested and bought in to delivering it.

#7 Discuss performance and development

The best managers care about their employees development as much as they care about their own, invest in feedback, it is integral for growth and development.

#8 Utilize your expertise

You are a manger for a reason, share your experience and show your employees that you have been there, done that and worn the t-shirt many times.

#9 Collaborate

Collaboration is essential, each member should feel accountability and interdependence within your team. Make sure you foster that culture within your team.

#10 Make decisions

Strong managers make strong decision, without this it creates doubt, uncertainty and a lack of focus - it can even lead to resentment.

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