Unveiling our new website!

31 July 2019 by Rachel Whalley
Intelletec Brand

The team here at Intelletec have been working really hard behind the scenes to redesign our entire website to bring it into 2019, and it is finally live! And with a new website, we thought we would use this as a good point to kick-start our blogs again. We will be posting content on anything from Intelletec updates (such as launching our new site), how-tos when it comes to your Job or Candidate search, to developments in the Tech or Mobile sectors.

At the beginning of the year, we realized that whilst our work, team, and sectors are all at the cutting edge of their game - our website did not reflect this in any way shape or form. That needed to change! So we worked with our friends over at Volcanic to redevelop our website to accurately reflect the innovative Clients we represent.

It has been lots of work on new content, new headshots (check out Monty’s) and improved performance. But we’re pretty pleased with the outcome - see the classic before and after above.

What This Means For Our Candidates & Clients

For our Candidates there shouldn’t be too much different - just an easier and simpler journey to our register/login portal. We’ve also refreshed the content on our sectors page, so you know exactly which of our consultants are best to get in touch with and more about the vast areas we cover.

For our Clients, we hope you have a smoother journey throughout our website, and can more easily find the information you need about the services we offer. As well as getting in touch more easily!

We hope you like our new site, and that you find it more accessible and simpler to use - we definitely had you all in mind whilst creating it! If you have any feedback on it or suggestions of what you would like to see on our new blog, please reach out & get in touch here.