What makes an instant hire?

10 July 2019 by Rachel Whalley
Recruitment Interview

You have done all the leg work, you have cleaned up that Resume or CV, written a top cover letter and passed the screening call. You are on to the interview, it's time to land that dream job. So how can you pull it out of the bag, and get an offer in the room?

GirlBoss shared hiring managers' top 5 things that turn a candidate into an instant hire.

#1 Do your research, but don't go overboard

All hiring managers agree that doing your research before a job interview is crucial, it seems obvious but a lot of people fail to prepare. You should know the company, their audience, mission and how they make money inside out. Think about how you can add to the bottom line, and come to the interview ready to share your ideas.

Try using LinkedIn to understand more about the company culture, read articles they've shared and learn about the person currently in the role you are interviewing for. Whilst you are looking, keep an eye out for company updates or articles about Charity or Philanthropic work they have done, these are perfect examples you can mention in your interview.

#2 An interview is a two way street

Interviewing is nerve-wracking, no one can deny this but it is essential to remember it is a conversation. Show the company that you are engaged, be present and ask questions about what the interviewer is saying. Try your best to be self-aware, if you need to take a moment or ask them to repeat a question then do so - it allows you to calm down and be yourself.

There are a few things to be wary of to, don't talk about your previous experiences with a negative attitude or interrupt your interviewer. Be respectful, and don't get too comfortable - definitely don't start checking your phone in the middle of it!

#3 Ask the questions you really want answers to

When an interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions for us?", the worst thing to say is no. It is your best opportunity to show that you've done your research, are excited about potentially joining and are genuinely curious and interested in the company and role.

It is also always good to ask the interviewer about their own personal experience of working with the company, everyone likes to talk about themselves and they will often share a personal insight into the company culture.

#4 A thank you note

People are divided on this, but hiring managers are not. Sending a specific, personal and meaningful thank you note will set an instant hire above an average candidate. It shows that you are thoughtful and really enjoyed interviewing with the company.

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