How instagramable is your resume?

21 August 2019 by Rachel Whalley
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With the job market so competitive, long gone are the days when a copy and paste Résumé or CV will do. On the rise are digital versions, with picture-perfect color themes and one employer even reported, "there’s a freaking bitmoji." 

Everyone wants their CV to stand out, this is nothing new. But the way job seekers are trying to get their Résumé noticed is changing. People are adding in headshots, bitmoji's, emojis and much more!

So does editing your Résumé to look this way actually help you secure a job? The Wall Street Journal has sparked debate across the world, they spoke of how a New York fitness startup received a CV for an engineering role that featured several photos of the applicant - one of them hiking, in a suit and walking a dog. The hiring manager stated the Résumé looked more like a Tinder profile than a job application, they passed on the candidate... 

On the other hand, some employers find the creativity people apply to their applications a good way to understand their personality. One Chief Executive Officer described that it helps him distinguish whether or not a candidate would pass the airport test - if you would want to be stuck talking to them in a terminal or not. Information about someone's education and career experiences often don't speak to their character and nature, so a creative Résumé can help! 

In the UK, one candidate made headlines when she redesigned her Résumé to look like the product of the company she was applying for! The company and founder believed it to be an ingenious way of standing out from the crowd. 

So what do you think? Are Instagram friendly CV's the way of the future, or are they a craze of right now that will be forgotten about in a couple of months?

Source - WSJ, Résumés Are Starting to Look Like Instagram—and Sometimes Even Tinder