What not to do in a video interview

14 August 2019 by Rachel Whalley
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More and more often now the first round of any job interviews are being carried out via a video link, in fact in the US now 3/5 first rounds are by video!

This comes with its own challenges, so here are some top tips on what not to do in one. 

1. Don't be in a distracting environment. 

We all remember this news interview right...?


The environment you choose to conduct your video interview in can speak volumes - literally. Make sure you pick a quiet place with little or no background noise, and make sure people around you are aware ahead of time that you'll be interviewing. 

2. Don't act too casually

Some candidates mistakenly think that because you are not in the same room as the interviewer, this is a casual chat. But you should take this as seriously as if you were at their offices - don't sit in bed in your pajamas. Try asking the interviewer what the dress code is like, and then dress that way! If you look unprofessional and are slouching then it may come across to the company that you're not taking the interview seriously and are uninterested in them.

3. Don't assume the internet will be okay

It could all be over before it has even begun if your browser doesn't support video calls, or if you join the call but no one can hear you. Although people understand this can happen, it's best to test this before the interview! Try testing the same software with a friend to make sure it all works okay. 

4. Don't act like you are speaking on the phone

Always remember that the interviewers can see you, so act as if the interview was in person. Keep up regular eye contact and make notes if it makes sense too. If helpful you can create little reminders to make sure you look at the camera - try popping a sticky note near it. As well as this frame your video so that it's the right distance - aim for head & shoulders!

Source: The Huffington Post - 5 Seemingly Harmless Mistakes You Must Avoid In A Video Job Interview