UX trends set for 2020

27 November 2019 by Rachel Whalley
tech industry

With the end of 2019 rapidly approaching, we’re looking ahead into the new year and what trends are set to be rife in the world of UX. Things are constantly evolving, and the latest product this month will be innovated into something completely new by the next! So what are the latest predictions for 2020, what can we expect?

Cross-device sync

More often than not users have more than one device on them at all times - smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets, the list goes on! The idea of cross-device synchronization is that you could be watching a show on Netflix on your commute home from work, and then seamlessly continue watching it on your smart TV when you step through the door. A continuous task across different devices with no interruptions. 


This one isn’t new, but the use of machine learning and AI happening behind the scenes will be revolutionized next year. It will expand to consider other factors such as location, mood, emotion, time and weather, for example:

  • McDonald’s are creating a drive-thru menu tailored to weather, current restaurant traffic and trending menu items
  • Amazon is developing a way for Alexa to notice a user’s illness by detecting a change in their voice, and then suggesting appropriate medicine
  • Google Maps will be able to provide you with recommendations for restaurants based on your personal preference 


2020 will see the 2nd year of GDPR, and the introduction of the CCPA in California - so it’s safe to say Privacy will continue to be a hot topic next year. Users are now very aware of their data, and how the majority of it is not private. They are also switched on to looking into their privacy settings and making sure they know what their preferences are - so it’s important to consider Privacy when designing, think of it as visible and transparent. 

Face ID

Since its introduction in the iPhone’s, Face ID has taken over as the main form of verification for users. Apps are now having to adopt this as the traditional method of entering a username and password can’t match up in terms of efficiency. 

So all in all, lots to look forward to in 2020! If you’d like any help to grow your team and keep up with these upcoming trends then get in touch today! 

Source: Medium, Trends to keep an eye in 2020