Working From Home... Is It Here To Stay?

25 March 2021 by Kelly Sprow
Work From Home

For over a year now most people have adapted to Working From Home, and as expected, the hottest Google Hangout topic here at Intelletec……..Is this here to stay? 

We are really interested to listen to what everyone is thinking now that we have switched up our daily routines and become accustomed to having our office only feet away from our bedrooms?

 From what we have seen, COVID is certainly looking like the biggest ever challenge to the office era. No need to wake up early, sit in traffic and waste gas traveling to an office when you can do almost the exact same sitting in the comfort of your own home. 

Commuting and Office Culture 

For some people, their commute may be something they look forward to, time to reflect on their day, listen to their favorite podcast or unwind. What about the college graduates that are new to the corporate world? How is it for them knowing they might land a job that they never have to travel to or be in an office? Is it easier for the younger generation to work from home because of their adaptability to working online? Here at Intelletec, we would love to see what popular opinion is here as we fast track through 2021. According to this website here, (15 Working From Home Productivity Stats) it shows that productivity was up by 13% when working from home this past year.


Family, work life balance and the environment 

More people have spent more time with their family during the week than ever before. COVID has brought many closer together whilst at the same time keeping us 6ft apart. We've saved money on gas, car pollution has gone down, and there were many unexpected positive side effects of staying home. A lot of our conversations have focused on productivity, work life balance, location and how this is impacting the environment, for example, for the first time in years the waters in Italy's famous Venice canals were clear and quiet enough for swans and dolphins to come take a swim. You could see straight down to the bottom of the canal. Los Angeles' had very little to almost no smog with some suggesting that COVID-19 could have prompted the largest decrease in emissions caused by human activity since the second World War.

Location, Location, Location 

Another thought we were curious about......does going back to an office depend on what city you live in? Major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and New York almost always have hours worth of traffic, possible car accidents, congestion etc. that most people dream of avoiding. Spending 3 hours a day in your car vs walking to your desk in your house, and using that 3 hours in other ways! 

What about the small town commutes where the office was only a 10-15 minute commute, would you prefer to go back into an office then? Small businesses have tough decisions to make as a remote culture could free up funds that can be put towards a marketing campaign or starting business online. 

So much to consider 

There are so many different angles you can look at this and will it get to the point where having no office is seen as a red flag against your company? However, as we have learned over this past year, the world can still operate, drive business and create content. Will people miss the human interaction enough to lead us back to the office? We would love to know your thoughts and/ concerns about going back to the office. Let us know, we would love to hear your thoughts. React to our survey below or leave a comment