Backend Engineer

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    United States

  • Sector:

    Software Engineering

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  • Salary:

    Starting $150 - 200k + equity

  • Contact:

    Jennifer Beltran

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  • Job ref:

    JB - ENG_rm64543

  • Consultant:

    Jennifer Beltran

We are currently looking for a back-end engineer to add to our team. An ideal candidate would bring 5+ years' full-stack experience with a focus on back-end systems development -- and a track record of employment, internship and/or open source contribution that demonstrates elite talent. You will work across our tech stack, contributing to everything from architecture to testing frameworks. You’ll be an integral member of our early engineering team, translating our roadmap into product features and open source contributions. 

We face many unique technical and design challenges as we build a new payment network. To that end, we have a pragmatic approach to the blockchain development environment: extend where falling short, fix where broken, and build where missing. Successful adoption for our product demands that we approach all aspects of development with a fundamental focus on security, reliability, upgradability and usability. We need engineers that are both disciplined and imaginative, who are driven by our vision and refuse to accept that any technical problem is impossible at first impression. We hope this is you!

Why this matters:

Our everyday payment systems are dependent upon financial infrastructure design decades ago. Consumers benefit from rewards programs and new checkout experiences, but in the background money moves the same as ever: through insecure networks that impose unnecessary costs on all of us as they strain to meet the needs of modern commerce.

We know that with the right product strategy, serving the right use cases, cryptocurrency and blockchain finally present a solution for many of our most persistent payment problems. It’s possible to rethink our current payment systems from the ground up. In doing that, we confront several difficult, challenging and impactful problems which will demand solutions in order to build a trusted and ubiquitous payment system to enable commerce for everyone. To achieve our mission and realize our vision, we’ve put together an incredible team and are selectively adding to it.

What you’ll do (outcomes)

  1. Write, test and audit applications and APIs to contribute to the cryptocurrency implementation, manage blockchain settlement and support our launch partners.
  2. Compose existing and new solutions into a comprehensive tooling chain: build, packaging, unit testing, security fuzzing, coverage reporting, continuous deployment. We will publish and maintain this meta-package.
  3. Contribute to open-source community where existing productivity tools fall short. Maintain strong relationships with the relevant communities and projects.
  4. Work with platform and product engineers to understand deficiencies in tools and opportunities to improve them.
  5. Contribute to blog posts, meetups and workshop presentations promoting contributions to the community.

What you’ll bring (core competencies)

  1. You're comfortable working anywhere in the technology stack. You can develop back end applications, user interfaces, APIs, and smart contracts.
  2. You prioritize tests. You test your code as a matter of practice, and automate tests as part of getting the job done. You don't consider code complete until there are automated tests demonstrating that it works.
  3. You thrive in a problem solving environment. You bring a pragmatic approach to solving problems; solving issues to unblock other developers without creating future maintenance problems. You're persistent and not easily flustered when working with broken/buggy toolchains.
  4. You have an open source mindset. You have experience and presence in the open-source community; you have contributed to distributed projects. 
  5. You have strong CS fundamentals. You're familiar with common algorithms and data structures, comfortable implementing new data structures where no suitable implementation already exists.
  6. You understand basic cryptography and security fundamentals. You have strong understanding of security and privacy.

Nice to Have

  1. 2+ years of full-stack experience as an engineer, with a provable track record of deploying code into production and contributing to the open source community.
  2. 1+ years of blockchain development experience.
  3. Familiarity with a variety of languages, particularly some combination of of:  Node.js, Go, C++, Python, Java, Solidity
  4. You understand the use cases of common cryptographic primitives and can design secure systems using them.
  5. Tech/DevOps experience: comfortable operating and administering technology systems, debugging production issues, and deploying cloud applications. You understand system instrumentation, and make monitoring production systems part of the design process.