Backend Engineer (mid-sr) | Mission Driving FinTech Startup

Powering digital-first and consumer-friendly credit cards is no easy task! Behind the scenes, we need to integrate with a number of third-party services (like card networks, payment processors, and credit bureaus), solve tricky distributed systems problems (like eventual consistency and idempotent workflows), and balance a number of needs (like security, reliability, performance, time-to-market, and compliance).

We achieve much of that today through a microservice architecture built primarily with Java, gRPC, and AWS tools like DynamoDB, EKS (hosted Kubernetes), and API Gateway. We also use services like Datadog (observability), LaunchDarkly (feature flags & experimentation), and VeryGoodSecurity (tokenization) to achieve a lot with a little.

We're seeking Backend Engineers with diverse backgrounds & complementary skillsets who are passionate about building quality systems & services and achieving real-world impact. You may be a generalist who's excited to work in many domains, or you may prefer to go deep in a few (e.g. helping us build an extensible rules engine or a highly reliable ledger).

In addition to writing & reviewing code, you'll write & review design docs, collaborate across disciplines (e.g. with PM, design, compliance & partnerships), and work on a team to contribute features & fixes. You'll get support & mentorship from more experienced engineers, and if you do well & grow, you'll get opportunities to lead projects and mentor other engineers, too.

The requirements

Research has shown that women & underrepresented minorities read lists of requirements and consider themselves unqualified if they don't meet every single one. This list represents what we're ideally looking for, but we encourage you to apply even if you don't meet everything 100%. Everyone has unique strengths & weaknesses, and we hire for strength & potential, not lack of weakness.

  • Experience contributing meaningful features & fixes to a backend codebase and iterating on it in production. This is more important to us than a specific # of years of experience, but we expect most engineers to need at least 2-4 years in the industry to gain this experience.
  • Experience working on a team and collaborating with others, e.g. to clarify requirements and review code & designs. A high-functioning, collaborative, and supportive environment is important to us, and you'll play an important role in maintaining that.
  • Broad, high-level understanding across a modern application stack (covering e.g. databases, infrastructure, CI/CD, APIs, client apps, queueing, etc.).
  • Some expertise in some backend domain (e.g. databases, scaling, or distributed systems), in the technology/platform of your choice.
  • Passion for both your craft (building things right) and achieving real-world impact (building the right things for our business & customers).

We regularly bring our team together for offsites & trips, about every 2 months, both for fun and for work. We cover all travel & lodging in these cases.

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