Backend Payments Engineer

As a Backend Payments Engineer, your primary objective is to work with API engineers to develop and maintain Omni’s payment infrastructure. You will be expected to work across Python, Go and SQL. You will report directly to the Director of Engineering.


  • Exhibited core competency in creating payment solutions, especially those used by online marketplaces 
  • Experience with major payment gateways, such as Braintree, PayPal and BitPay 
  • Past work interfacing with APIs, especially in Go and/or Python 
  • Experience with working on databases in SQL, especially in PostgresQL 
  • Understanding of the security and legal best-practices of working with online payments 
  • Comfort with cryptocurrency terminology and integrations; preference given to candidates with Ripple Interledger experience. 
  • Exhibited competence with Git and associated collaboration workflows.


  • Additional expectations for highly qualified individuals in this role include: 
  • Willingness to offer IT support for the administrative and support teams 
  • Understanding of Agile Development methodologies and associated tooling. 
  • Knowledge of containerized software and tooling, such as Docker and ECS. 
  • Comfort with popular back-end languages such Python, and/or Go