Blockchain Engineer

As a Blockchain Engineer you will: 

  • Contribute to the development and specification of the token model, by implementing, testing, and auditing Solidity smart contracts on Ethereum.
  • Work with our App and Platform teams to ensure users have secure, scalable opt-in links to our token protocol and related protocols adopting the Eco token.
  • Work with external auditors to ensure the security of smart contracts.
  • Contribute to the design and deployment of a bug bounty program covering our smart contracts.


  • You consider discipline, integrity and unparalleled work ethic to be three of your core values.
  • You are familiar with common algorithms and data structures. Comfortable implementing new data structures where no suitable implementation already exists.
  • You pay careful attention to the privacy implications and security of your code, taking care to avoid opportunities for unintentional functionality or information leakage.
  • You approach all aspects of software development with a focus on the customer perspective, security, and reliability. 
  • You extend where falling short, fix where broken, and build where missing.
  • You test your code as a matter of practice, and automate tests as part of getting the job done. You don’t consider code complete until there are automated tests demonstrating that it works.
  • You’re passionate about open source development and the crypto/blockchain community in particular.
  • Bonus points if you have prior blockchain development experience, and you understand the use cases of common cryptographic primitives and can design secure systems using them!