Full Stack Engineer - Artificial Intelligence

Our client is looking for a rock star engineer to work on their game changing product for the construction industry.

You will be given full responsibility of designing and building core modules on both server and client sides depending upon your interests and skill sets and contribute to the development of a great product that we are building to make construction projects meet the deadlines they set for themselves and also save cost and time.

Be ready to face challenging architectural problems, build awesome features, take charge of databases and get your hands dirty with clustering, replication, build system, deployment scripts, AWS instance automation etc.

In short, you are going to be your own boss.


  • Minimum 2-3 years experience developing server-side technologies using core Java. 
  • Experience in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. 
  • Strong CS fundamentals, good working knowledge of classic algorithms and data structures. 
  • Good UI design sense. 
  • Experience designing scalable, fault-tolerant systems and databases. 
  • Solid understanding of how the web works and it's underlying communication protocols. 
  • Good sense of humor.

Other skills we'd appreciate:

  • Experience working with Play Framework, Relational Databases, Concurrent Programming, AWS. 
  • Experience working with UI technologies like jQuery, AJAX, Angular, TypeScript. 
  • Prior experience with using graphics libraries like OpenGL or WebGL. 
  • Working knowledge of Git. 
  • Anything else that can surprise us.


Java, Javascript, jQuery, Scala, WebGL, MySQL/Postgres, AWS/EC2/ELB/S3/DynamoDB, Three.js, Algorithms & Data Structures