Head of 3D Graphics Engineering | AR Startup w/ 100m+ Users

My client is a very well-funded, recently acquired AR company that uses state of the art computer vision and Artificial Intelligence software to enable an intimate look at homes, restaurants, and businesses without leaving home. They enable amazing experiences that bridge imagination and reality.

I have an opening for a 3D Graphics Engineering Leader, with strong real-time & offline rendering foundations, to lead an innovative 3D graphics roadmap. In this role you will design, lead and advance major areas of innovation

What You'll Do:

  • Web & mobile 3D graphics that push the envelope of engagement & realism
  • Photorealistic offline CGI rendering engines for 3D model generation
  • High-volume synthetic CGI ground truth data pipelines for AI neural network training
  • Large-scale 3D asset baking & conversion pipelines
  • Optionally, for the right candidate: computer vision and light field photography

This position requires deep depth & breadth of experience with 3D graphics and rendering technologies, a solid understanding of the foundations of 3D perspective geometry, creative problem-solving skills, production software development experience, emotionally-intelligent leadership skills, and appreciation for visual aesthetics.

What You'll Bring:

  • Strong foundations in 3D graphics & rendering (M.S. or Ph.D. preferred)
  • Strong Computer Science and software engineering fundamentals
  • Track record leading small teams to ship software to non-trivial audiences
  • Hands-on mastery of modern GPU pipelines and real-time shader programming
  • Experience with modern, real-time, web & mobile 3D standards (e.g. WebGL, GLTF)
  • Familiarity with physically based rendering, global illumination, and ambient occlusion
  • Solid understanding of modern 3D illumination & shadow algorithms
  • Hands-on experience with 3D modeling and ray tracing for photorealistic renders
  • Strong 3D math, including perspective geometry, linear algebra, matrix transforms
  • Must have an appreciation for visual aesthetics and user experience

BONUS: Experience with image processing and digital photography algorithms
BONUS: Experience with computer vision, computational photography, or light fields
BONUS: Experience developing and training image-based deep neural networks
BONUS: Hands-on experience with native iOS and/or Android 3D graphics

On Offer:

  • Open to salary - Will pay for the right person
  • Strong bonus structure in place
  • Comprehensive benefits program