Lead Application Security Engineer | #1 Solana & NFT Platform | Series B (16z) Millions of Users

I am exclusively partnered with the leading app in the Solana ecosystem. They are a team of experienced builders with a ton of traction in a big and growing market w/ passionate users. Only months after launching they've acquired millions of users, and are adding hundreds of thousands every week. By far the leading wallet on Solana, they plan to expand to other chains soon.

I have been working in security recruiting for 7 years, and I've had the pleasure of working in the Blockchain/crypto space for almost 5! This is one of the most exciting projects I've ever seen and these guys are doing big things, 2022 is going to be a huge growth year!

On top of that, there has never been a better time to work in crypto and on wallets in particular:

  • Wallets play a pivotal role - Wallets are responsible for onboarding new users into crypto and can make or break the user experience
  • We are moving to a multi-chain world - New blockchains and scaling solutions are coming online and gaining traction, but are lacking decent wallets and bridges
  • DeFi & NFTs are exploding - Interest in DeFi and NFTs has exploded, yet they are still an after-thought in existing wallets

What You'll Do:

  • Team building: You will be the first security hire and play a key role in building out the rest of the security organization
  • Secure and harden the codebase: You'll be hands-on with both the mobile and extension applications
  • You'll be helping to develop new features as well as securing existing ones - secrets management, anti-scam/phishing, and CI/CD pipelines
  • Create a culture of security - Develop company-wide security practices, working closely with the founders and engineering teams to ensure the team and product are secure.
  • You will get to manage the public bug bounty as well as relationships with external security companies & individuals
  • Manage security initiatives

What You'll Bring:

  • 4+ years full-time software engineering experience w/ Javascript, React, and, ideally, tons of other frameworks & features
  • Expertise in Application Security @ scaleIdeally, with mobile security, threat modeling, secure coding, authentication, cryptography
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills. You should be able to guide others on the team through security practices and exercises
  • No blockchain experience required
  • A passion for crypto or NFTs would be great, but it's not required - we want someone to be a part of building the future!

On Offer:

  • Base salary up to $250k USD
  • Significant Series A equity

Visa transfers are good to go, so please don't hold off if you're on H1b