Lead Blockchain Engineer

Our client are a San Francisco based company who is developing technology designed from the ground up to address issues currently limiting adoption and practical use of cryptocurrencies for payments. Their blockchain-based payments platform will enable seamless use of cryptocurrency in both e-commerce and peer-to-peer environments.


The founding team consists of payments domain experts, world-class cryptography theorists (from Dan Boneh’s Stanford-based cryptography lab) and advisors who represent a collective “who’s who” amongst the blockchain and cryptocurrency community (such as Joey Krug and Ali Yahya).


Job Description & Responsibilities

  • You will be on the cutting edge of the rapidly advancing cryptocurrency ecosystem, building next-generation blockchain technology that only recently has become feasible to develop.
  • To stay ahead of the curve, we will be moving at breakneck pace.
  • To say you are excited by this challenge would be an understatement.
  • You are deeply interested in blockchain technology.
  • You are even more interested in the prospect of developing a payments network to massive scale, the success of which demands relentless focus upon security and user trust. ​
  • You will be the first full-time engineer leading development and implementation of our payment platform and cryptocurrency.
  • You will work actively with the technical advisors who have architected the framework for our technology.
  • You must be uniquely capable of owning our technical development process.
  • You will hire and build the earliest team of developers to execute on our goals within a milestone timeline covering the next 3-12 months (and beyond). You will be responsible for introducing and enforcing best practices amongst our engineering team and broader developer community.

Required Qualifications

  • Discipline, integrity and unparalleled work ethic are three of your core values

  • You lead humbly and strive for self-awareness

  • You love team-building to successful outcomes

  • You have a demonstrated ability to rapidly learn new technical frameworks and methods

  • You have apparent leadership ability, as may be demonstrated by:

    • 3+ years experience hiring and managing engineers at an amazing company

    • Or by other obvious leadership qualities, uniquely proven by your prior success and experience, combined with apparent potential to grow into this leadership role very quickly

  • You are hyper-efficient and cool under pressure.

  • At very least, you have conversational awareness of technical developments and some notable projects/applications in the blockchain/cryptocurrency community


Additional info:

  • You’re located in (or willing to relocate to) the SF Bay Area

  • You’re already a blockchain/crypto visionary: prior contributor or other demonstrated interest in blockchain tech and applications

  • You have general background understanding of cryptographic theory - enough to understand general tradeoffs

  • You have deep knowledge of at least one of the following:

    • Payment channels

    • Lightning networks

    • Ethereum

    • Zcash