Machine Learning Specialist

The compnay works at the intersection of rigorous engineering and applied machine learning to address one of the most challenging, important, and interesting opportunities of our generation: transforming the way people and goods move.

Founded by three of the world’s leaders of the self-driving vehicle industry, they design the software and hardware that will power the next revolution in transportation. 

The Machine Learning Specialist will design and develop cutting edge algorithms that enable our self driving vehicles to adapt and improve as they gather increasing amounts of data.


  • Develop cutting edge machine learning algorithms for various parts of the online system including perception, planning and forecasting
  • Guide the development of these algorithms from prototype to production - including training on large scale datasets, and deploying on a real time robotic platform
  • Identify new areas (both online and offline) where machine learning can leverage data to enhance performance
  • Design, build and maintain large scale production machine learning pipelines


  • BS, MS or PhD in Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Science, or a related field
  • Strong grasp of fundamentals: linear algebra, discrete and continuous optimization, supervised and unsupervised methods, generative and discriminative methods
  • Expertise in one or more focus areas: deep learning, online learning, sequential prediction, graphical models, structured prediction, sequential models, reinforcement learning, imitation learning, planning under uncertainty, bayesian inference, model compression, multi-task learning, forecasting etc.
  • Proven track record of experience in relevant areas (significant industry experience and/or publication record at top venues like ICML, AISTATS, NIPS or similar)
  • Excellent software skills (C++/Python) required to train and evaluate state of the art algorithms on large dataset