Principle Data Scientist - Ad-tech / Online

Job description

An opportunity to join an energetic, growing, VC backed startup who are revolutionizing the Adtech space using proprietary methods and by bringing real-time content and advertising to static programs, dramatically boosting revenue and engagement.


You have applied Machine Learning methods for third party advertisement at a high-tech, Adtech or e-commerce organization.




Machine Learning 

  • Responsible for creation, test, and deployment of next-generation data science and optimization tools within display advertisement platform running billions of real-time transactions per day
  • New core ML pipeline for real-time bidding for advertisers; ML models for view and completion predictions for video ads. 



    • Provide technical direction to the team towards increasing Revenue
    • Develop algorithms to increase Revenue and work with the team to implement them
    •  Analyze data to provide insights to drive algorithm development
    •  Develop subsystems necessary for Revenue Optimization




●        3+ years’ experience in an ad network/exchange building recommendation system for advertising across multiple publishers and advertisers

●       Experience in building systems using Spark, Redshift, Kafka or similar technologies

●       Experience in scaling recommender systems to handle magnitude increases in traffic

●       Experience in analyzing large volume of advertising data to create new algorithm and deliver business insights

●       Understand the principles of ad serving, analytics, programmatic, RTB / DSPs / SSPs / DMPs

●       Understand native, display and video ad serving along with ad product management (VAST, VPAID, and JavaScript protocols)

●       Deep knowledge of common ad serving and supply side programmatic systems, such as Google DFP/AdX, AppNexus, OpenX, Rubicon

●       Excellent social skills with a proven ability to overcome objections and form trusting relationships with external clients and internal stakeholders



The role will pay competitively with a base, bonus, and stock component.