(Remote) Lead/Head of Frontend/Mobile Software || Mental Wellness Startup (Stealth Mode) || Remote



We have partnered with a brand new startup which have just secured $4m of seed funding for a new Mental Wellbeing app. This is a unique opportunity to have a huge impact on a potentially very important product which could help millions of people. 

They are currently a founding team of 3 who are searching for a person to head up everything backend of the infrastructure. It is completely greenfield; Open to any technology stack!


  • They are looking for a Front-End Lead Engineer.  
  • This person will own all aspects of our front-end development and build, while also contributing and collaborating heavily on our overall product strategy and user experience.  
  • They are building mobile first initially, with desktop coming later. They have not yet decided if we will build fully in native iOS & Android systems, or if they will use unified system such as React, as they are still testing and iterating on our v1 product and finalizing those requirements.  Even if they do go React, they anticipate needing some fine tuning natively, so they prefer candidates who are comfortable with mobile native for both iOS &Android.  
  • They will likely start iOS only initially, so candidates with limited Android experience are ok. They believe in starting companies with very flat, collaborative organizations.  So their core initial engineering team will likely include a Front-End Lead, a Back-End Architecture Lead, an NLP/ML lead
  • Our respective engineer leads arecollaborative partners with each other as well as our product, design, research, and content teams - as they will initially not have any hierarchy so we can easily work together to create thebest product possible.
  • The ideal candidate has minimum 5 years experience in front end and extensive experience in mobile.  
  • Everybody at this stage needs to be a proven self starter, and willing to roll up her/his sleeves to program and execute.  They are open to looking at both younger rock-star candidates as well as more senior, seasoned leaders.  
  • Their product and design team is a mix of both aswell.  The most important thing beyond experience and ability to execute is a deep passion for Their mission around mental health and the ability to work collaboratively across their team.