Senior Backend Engineer | Crypto

We are starting to witness a massive shift in crypto from an investment to a currency. Eighteen months ago nearly the entire crypto ecosystem was contained inside Coinbase. Now, with the advent of DeFi, NFTs, and more widespread P2P transactions, most of the ecosystem lives in web3.

The wallet infrastructure hasn’t kept up. Seed phrase dependence, malicious apps, and hacks plague users. For the vision of crypto to fully manifest there must be a more secure, usable, and universally accessible option.

We are looking to hire multiple backend engineers who are interested in facing big challenges, and are able to build and support a growing and fast moving team. We love candidates who can understand complex systems, make quick decisions, mentor their team and are passionate about helping others perform at their best. If this describes you, get in touch with us!

What You'll Do

  • Engineer scalable backend systems to solve novel problems with modern cloud technology and industry best practices
  • Build low-latency, high-availability, and performant API’s
  • Present iterative, testable, and approachable code commits illustrated in well-documented pull requests
  • Track project milestones with your team and ensured shared objectives are well-planned, transparent, and balanced
  • Own roadmaps, prioritization, technical architecture

What You Need

  • 3+ years experience with building highly scalable backend infrastructure and APIs - preferably with a consumer facing fintech product
  • 3+ years experience of Typescript and Node.js
  • Understanding the nuances of asynchronous programming
  • Strong understanding of security and privacy
  • Experience developing production applications in the cryptocurrency space
  • Bonus points if you have: knowledge of payment technology, fintech, and/or crypto.

Tech Stack

  • Typescript / React / Node.js
  • Serverless
  • AWS and CDK ( for Infrastructure as Code )
  • DynamoDB