Senior Developer (Python / Ruby / Perl / JavaScript) - Disruptive Health-tech firm

An opportunity to become part of the initial engineering & development fabric supporting every unit within a disruptive Health-tech firm - One of the fastest growing corporations in the USA.



  • Founded only a few years ago, this firm has already disrupted an area of Health-tech with a $1B+ IPO and multibillion-dollar valuation
  • The Modernizer team is currently circa 15 with a view to growing to 50+ in the next year or so
  • This is not a role for an SRE or DevOps Engineer. While the team run / manage Jenkins, they don’t own Jenkin’s
  • Write a lot of libraries, automation in libraries, over 100 repositories to work with so no time to mess around
  • Many interesting projects - we can organize an exploratory call to hear more



  • You are a go-getter and self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit!
  • A Ruby/Python/Perl/Node/Javascript developer with 10+ years experience
    • Experience with databases
    • Experience with systems administration (Ubuntu or RedHat/Centos)
    • Opensource projects (please provide a list)
    • Experience writing tools (not just web applications)
    • Ability to explain complex full-stack concepts to people from other fields
    • Strong logical, presentation and communication skills
    • Front End, Back End, Full-Stack engineering
    • Opensource, Open-source, open source!



If your skills match and you are curious to hear more, please get in touch.


Commercials include bonus and stock options.