Senior Engineer (Go/Blockchain)

A Series B funding blockchain client based in San Francisco are looking for a Senior Engineer to join their rapidly growing team.
The Role:
You’ll be asked to work on cutting-edge backend systems leveraging the latest evolution in
blockchain technology and help build what is poised to become one of the largest private chain(s) connecting Fortune 500s around the world.

  • You will work on the low-level aspects of our stack, in the bowels of blockchain, permission properties, distributed trust, security nitty gritty. 
  • You will work on our middleware, rules engine, accounting modeling, event processing systems. 
  • You will work higher up on the stack building the various web UIs in React. Work on operational concerns, with Docker, Kubernetes, Helm as your new friends, and make deployments a breeze. 
  • You will Improve continuous build, and test coverage, control downstream dependencies and help the software build be as repeatable as can be.


  • Golang, Node.js, GRPC
  • React
  • MySQL, Firebase
  • Hyperledger Fabric, and other blockchains
  • Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud

My client are currently in about four different time zones and multiple continents. And while they encourage the local team to be in our San Francisco office, they're pretty good at working flexibly.

  • Competitive pay, equity package, health benefits