Senior Engineering Manager

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    San Francisco

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    Software Engineering

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    Aria Mahsoul

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    Aria Mahsoul

Senior Engineering Manager 

Location: San Francisco

Intelletec has partnered with a recently launched, well funded start­up that is focused on disrupting the high growth, high turnover food service industry. The goal is to continually improve the lives and livelihoods of the service industry professionals we serve with unmatched access to careers, content and connections. The team is led by an experienced set of consumer technology veterans from LinkedIn, Lynda, Art.com, NoWait, and Home Away who have experience building rich, customer friendly experiences.

In this role, you will report to the VP of Engineering.  

You will be a hands-on Engineering Manager, i.e., you’ll be both an Individual Contributor and manage people.  
Provide leadership and mentorship to your team, and drive development projects to success by way of expertise, energy, and leadership.

Due to our growth in our micro-services architecture, we’ll be adding seven new micro-services in the next six months and we need help managing the development process.


  • App: Nginx, Node JS, React-Redux, React Native, GraphQL, Vue, Java, MongoDB, Neo4J, Postgres, Redis
  • Data Infra: Redshift, Airflow, Superset, Python, Java
  • Tools: Jira, Github, Jenkins, Ansible, SumoLogic, AWS (Lamdba, S3, EC2, Route53, Cloudwatch, etc.)
  • Style: Agile, Slack-communicating, Fast, Flexible, Fun


  • Manage a team of 4-6 Software Engineers: track and manage work, participate in project and sprint planning, mentor team members on technical challenges and working style optimizations
  • Individual code contributor to the entire stack.  Building onto the Web, API, and Data layers
  • Set a high standard for Software Development Practices:  quality code, test coverage, comments, collaboration, and avoiding shortcuts
  • Participate in business planning, estimating, forecasts, hiring, and evaluations


  • 3+ years experience as a Tech Lead or Team Lead
  • Desire to mentor junior engineers
  • Expert level development skills in Java (10+ years)
  • Experience in an early-stage Tech startup
  • You can design and architect a complex application without over-architecting
  • Demonstrable proficiency with Data Layer concepts: ORMs, JDBC, Connection Handling
  • You can design data models and understand the cost/benefits of the data design decisions


  • Experience with micro-services
  • Able to set up an application stack in AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure
  • Direct experience in any one of the following DevOps areas: building CI systems using Jenkins, build and provision tools, especially Ansible, database management tools, esp. AWS RDS, logging tools, esp. SumoLogic

Last thing: bring a sense of humor and one or two passions outside of your professional interests.  We are a team of diverse viewpoints and intellectual approaches, but we all agree humor and a breadth of interests make the team stronger (and more fun)!

For more information, please contact aria@intelletec.com