Senior Full Stack Developer

Intelletec has partnered with rapidly expanding startup who’s lending platform has helped 10,000+ business owners simplify their cashflow management, boost growth, and take advantage of new opportunities. 

Founded in 2014 and recently landed on the breakout list for 2019

Grew from 15 to 65 people this year. Plan to more than double headcount in 2019

20x’d their business (yes, that’s right). Plan to continue that trajectory in 2019



  • As a developer, you will be an important part of leading our platform development, and be a key member of our tech team.

  • Architect and build state-of-the-art web & mobile application using a variety of languages and tools

  • Build distributed backend application in the cloud

  • Understand repeatable automated processes for building the application, test it, document it, and deploy it at scale



  • Knowledge of Python (4+ years)

  • Knowledge of Django (3+ years)

  • Knowledge of Javascript, HTML5, CSS3  (5+ years)

  • Knowledge of Vue.js or Angular (4+years)

  • Experience with Celery, RESTful APIs and server-side APIs integration

  • Knowledge of ORM, SQL and Data Modeling

  • Experience with TDD and ability to write quality unit tests

  • Experience with AWS, cloud deployments, devops and web security