Senior KAFKA Architect

Senior Kafka Architect

• Architecture governance for Kafka including platform, development processes etc
• Evolution and support of the Kafka environment
• Development of Data Streaming Standards and Patterns
• Solution design and support of Kafka integrations, including topics, producers, consumers, K-SQL and streaming applications
• Optimizing Operational management of the Kafka platform with client in mind to secure a stable high available service with no downtime and no data loss
Ideal candidates will have a strong data integration background with specific experience in the data streaming and Kafka/Confluent specifically. Candidates should have broad experience and understanding of data architecture principles, data integration patterns and data quality management. In addition, knowledge of the business of banking and the key data that drives banking organizations is an advantage.


• 7+ years of overall IT experience
• 3+ years of experience data integration
• 3+ years of hands on experience with Java or Scala with strong SQL background and good knowledge of spring boot application framework.
• 3+ years of hands on Kafka/Confluent/Data Streaming development/operational platform experience
• Experience in working in with Kafka connectors, Producer and consumer APIs
• Strong hands on expertise in debugging and fixing streaming jobs by looking debug logs and configuration tuning.
• Strong understanding of Kafka architecture including offset management, partition strategy and high avaialble requirements
• Good understanding of Kafka Security with Kerberos and TLS.
• Good understanding of Streaming message delivery semantics.
• Good understanding of Spark framework
• Good understanding of Docker containers and kubernetes
• Strong understanding of streaming message formats like avro and streaming semantics.
• Strong understanding of data architecture, data integration and data quality management
• Ability to articulate design standards and patterns
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills
• Strong ability in helping and inspiring the Kafka Team members to grow in skills

• Strong business-facing skills
• Business Intelligence and Data Analytics experience
• Prior financial services or banking experience
• Previous experience with Confluent Kafka is a plus.
• Monitoring Kafka with external tools and APIs is a plus.
• Prior knowledge of Ansible, Chef or Puppet is a plus.
• Deep experience in providing technical leadership, coaching and mentoring • Have a genuine interest to learn new skills and help others to succeed
• Fluency in written and oral English, Swedish is a bonus

Be onsite in Stockholm and be prepared to travel