Web Performance Engineer (EdTech)

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    San Francisco

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    Software Engineering

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    Jennifer Beltran

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    Jennifer Beltran

We are working for an EdTech Start-up that is building e-learning tools for children all across the world. 

With over ten million people all the world utilitiing their tool - it has been uniting humanity in 2020.  For some of their users, this is their first experience of creating things on the Internet. Be part of the company that is building beautiful boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to!!

What makes them different from thier competitiros: No one wants to read twenty paragraphs of text, or sit through forty verbose slides. Yet, we keep making them, boring everyone out of their minds. We are building more beautiful and fun alternatives to traditional documents.

“Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are.” – Will Ferrell.

There are fewer things more frustrating than waiting for a site or app to load. Their team wants to make software to add simplicity, beauty, and joy to life. Frustration is the opposite of that.

That's where you come in, in helping thier product be fast!

Two things make this task particularly challenging:

  1. They are used in 200 over countries. They had their first user in Antarctica last year. Many of their users are on slow Internet connections and low CPU devices.

  2. They make frequent changes to the product. What's performant today may not be performant tomorrow.

It's a lot of work! Fortunately, they are a small team and you have the carte blanche to own this objective and run with it.

Performance is more than just faster load times. It can be the difference between someone being able to use your technology or not. While all their users are dear to them, we get special satisfaction from users like students in a school in Mongolia. Your efforts could be the difference between whether those kids in a village in Mongolia have access to life-changing technology or not.

Plus, their engineering culture is still developing. Not only will you make the product faster, you have the power to create a performance culture.


Note from the CEO "I don't think of this company as a place for manufacturing products. I think of it as a workshop where we come to learn, tinker, and become better. The product we build together is just the curriculum. Your full-time job is to become the best you can be. "