What our clients say...

  • Tussel

    London, UK

    The team at Intelletec were responsive and got the job done on time and on budget

  • Omni

    San Francisco

    ​Intelletec staffed our entire mobile team, and had consistently surfaced candidates to us who were otherwise unavailable via other search methods. Intelletec invests substantial time to understand our unique team dynamics - which has paid off for us in terms of developer productivity and retention.

  • Tim - Copper

    Jason Rumney

    ​"My experience working with Jason was brilliant, he is very proactive and has great communication skills. He makes sure you're kept up to speed with every step of the process and goes above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome. I would thoroughly recommend!"

  • Centaur Labs

    Boston, USA

    "​We engaged Daniel to help us find our first iOS developer. We had pretty specific requirements: local to Boston, advanced in Swift, and desiring the "startup experience". Daniel found us an ideal candidate right away who was actually leaving his current job that week. From sourcing to interviewing to closing the deal, Daniel was helpful but not pushy and made the process a breeze. I cannot recommend highly enough!!"

What our candidates say ...

  • Jeffrey - Software Engineer

    Kiel O'Mara

    ​Kiel is an absolute rockstar. From the get-go, he had a sharpshooter intuition of job and culture fit before he had even met me. He contacted me out of the blue and said I was perfect for a role. Caught off guard and a tad dubious, I decided to take a chance and work with Kiel. And truly surprised I was. Never have I encountered anyone so diligent, so invested, and so passionately energetic. He made it personal to him that I get this job, he reached out and followed up after every interaction with the client company, gave me selfless advice and constructive reassurance. He was not only professional and personable but incredibly capable and efficient. A fantastic communicator and a true go-getter, I would highly recommend Kiel for any companies looking to hire talented people in tech especially in competitive landscapes like the Blockchain/Software Engineering space. I'm very happy at my new job and it really could not have been so without Kiel's hard work.

  • Klaudius - Product

    Kiel O'Mara

    Kiel is an absolute professional in every sense of the word. I will often receive many inquiries from various talent and recruitment agencies which I typically dismiss, but Kiel stood out from the crowd. Throughout the entire process, Kiel made sure to keep an open line of communication with me and he quickly built trust and rapport with me. He was also very good at keeping the process moving quickly which was important to me as a candidate. Kiel was integrated well with the organization he was representing and he also took the time to provide me coaching and guidance at every step of the way. I was very impressed with Kiel's professionalism and genuinely grateful that he reached out to me and presented this opportunity to me. Thanks Kiel.

  • Ziyue - Software Engineer

    Kiel O'Mara

    ​Kiel is such a great recruiter to work with! Throughout the whole process, he was great at following up with me and listening to my concerns and making sure that I was getting any assistance I needed during my interview process. He is empathetic and very on top of responding to my questions. I had a great experience working with Kiel, and would gladly work with him again!

  • Asha - Project Manager

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​Aria is a true professional to work with; he followed up just enough to get the process to follow its course. He is thorough in his work and helps guide all parties involved with fair and balanced insights.

  • Enrico - Product

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​I've worked with a number of recruiting firms in San Francisco, but I have never experienced anything remotely close to Aria. He reached out to me and pitched an opportunity that I've been looking for. He takes the time to get to know you and he's very prompt. He has a very genuine and friendly demeanour that makes him extra wonderful to work with – and I recommend that you do.

  • Adam - Data Engineering

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​Aria is a phenomenal recruiter who truly went above and beyond in all aspects of the job search process, from the initial company search, all the way through the final compensation negotiation phase. Having him as a recruiter and personal advocate made finding a new job as pain free as possible, and ultimately was instrumental in landing me a great job!

  • Sophie - QA

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​Courteous and very helpful, Aria was a great pleasure to deal with when he helped recruit me for my current employment. Always very prompt, never any delays. He made the process go quickly and I was able to start working within a week from the initial contact. I am very grateful for all his help :)

  • Mitchell - Software Engineer

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​Aria is the most responsive, open, and communicative recruiter I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is very different from your typical recruiter and will work very hard introducing you to companies, asking them about your interview feedback, and of course getting you an offer and pushing it across the line. I'd highly recommend working with him on your next job search!

  • Sashin - Big Data

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​Good at understanding client requirements and what candidate has to offer. Professional and Timely. I would highly recommend Aria Mahsoul.

  • Keli - Web Development

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​Among all the recruiters that I've gotten in touch with, Aria is the most "on-top-of-it" with every step of the recruitment process and follow-ups. Aria helped me immensely during the recruitment process—it took only one week after my first interview to secure a job offer. I can simply say that Aria is the best and the most impressive recruiter I've ever worked with!

  • Samantha - Software Engineer

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​I had the pleasure of working with Aria in my current role. Aria was prompt and quick in setting up my phone screen and was on the top of things with the on-site scheduling, interview process. He also made sure he connected me to the right people for any questions I had during the interview process. I would definitely work with Aria again and strongly recommend him.

  • Julien - Systems & Network

    Jack Wooster

    ​Jack did a fantastic job of placing me in my current role. During the recruitment process, he advised me and with his help I was toady prepared for the interview. Jack is friendly and professional. He did not hesitate to let me know the recruitment progress and was very communicative during all the recruitment phases. If you are looking for a dream job in the UK, I definitely recommend Jack. I will never thank you enough for your help and all you have done for me.

  • Paulo - Network Engineer

    Jack Wooster

    ​I definitely recommend Jack. During the recruitment process, he advised me and with his help I was able to successfully prepare for the interview. Jack is friendly and professional. He kept me updated on the recruitment progress and was very communicative. Jack did an amazing job for placing me in my current role Jack Wooster

  • Nishant - Network Support Engineer

    Jack Wooster

    ​Very pleased that I passed my C.V. to Jack. Having worked with other agency's in the past where it can be company driven, it seemed to matter to him that I was matched to the right opportunity based on my career vision.

  • Richard - Design

    Jack Wooster

    ​I highly recommend Jack as a recruitment consultant. Jack’s service is always of a high level, he is professional, constructive, and supportive, whilst keeping both the candidate and employer closely connected. During the recruitment process, he always makes himself available, providing advice and assistance where he can. With Jack’s assistance, a match is always guaranteed, it is pleasure working with you. Thank you.

  • Maksym - Full Stack Developer

    Jack Wooster

    ​Jack is an amazing consultant with people skills. Very friendly and helpful. He found for me the perfect position and guided me through the entire process of getting the job in nearly no time.

  • Atanas - Network & Security

    Jack Wooster

    ​I’m pleased to recommend Jack Wooster. From my little experience with him I can say that he is one of the friendliest guys that I've worked with. He invests a lot of time in understanding what his clients need so that he can satisfy their requirements. He makes sure that they are always informed and up to date with everything that is going on. Personally I would love to cross paths and work with Jack once again. Thanks!

  • Malek - Software Engineer

    Jack Wooster

    ​Jack is a very meticulous and focused person who shows determination in doing the best job possible

  • Alejandro - Full stack Developer

    Jack Wooster

    ​It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Jack as recruitment consultant. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jack, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely anyone searching for a new job/role. He is honest, helpful and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he is an impressive person who is always looking for the best option to get the best result possible and always with a lot of positive energy. He found me a great job and I'm sure I found a friend. I will never end thanking him for all he did for me.

  • Henrique - Senior Engineer

    Jack Wooster

    ​Jack is a great recruiter, he was very attentive to my needs and what I was looking for in the next step in my career. He is an excellent communicator, fast arranging interviews and always willing to go the extra mile. After the interviews, he promptly provided feedback of the outcome. Thumbs up!

  • Paula - UX Director

    Jason Rumney

    ​It is a pleasure to recommend Jason Rumney, a natural born recruiter, who found me the perfect match in my job search in an extremely short amount of time. His assistance in placing me in a wonderful job is definitely a memorable one. He scanned my background and skills precisely and gave to his service a personal touch. It was a pleasure to do business with him and now it is a pleasure to recommend him as an ambitious recruiter whose service stands out from the crowd.

  • Dan - Full stack engineering

    Jason Rumney

    ​I didn't know it yet, but when Jason emailed me for a full stack engineering role, it was like I found Willy Wonka's golden ticket. Jason had a specific role in mind for me. That was a good fit for my software engineering skills. That was a step up from my previous position. And he followed up to make sure I quickly got through the hiring process. Any engineer knows that recruiters rarely do any one of the above for their clients. Jason did it all, with impeccable professionalism and a charming English accent to boot. He's not just the best recruiter I know; he's easily the best I've ever heard of. And yes, I got the job, and it's a dream come true. Thank you, Jason!

  • Lizel - Data Strategy

    Jason Rumney

    ​Jason helped me secure my role. Although he initially approached me for the position, he also listened to what I wanted from my next job and projected a strong interest in my future career. Jason is efficient, professional, personal and very communicative. I will definitely work with him again as a candidate or a prospective client if the opportunity arose.

  • Kirill - Engineer

    Jason Rumney

    ​Jason helped me to find the exact position I was looking for. I had specific requirements to the company and to the role and Jason nailed it. He was helpful and responsive throughout the process. Can't recommend him enough

  • Dani - Web Development

    Jason Rumney

    Jason helped me to find the exact job position I was looking for with great professionalism and dedication. He detected my abilities, skillset, and needs and offered me the possibility to mix web and education in my daily work. I would recommend without any doubt to Jason if you are looking for a very talented IT recruiter. Jason, many thanks for your help!

  • Max - UX/UI Designer

    Jason Rumney

    ​Jason was an excellent recruiter and really took time in matching me with the role here. He kept me updated through the whole process and secured me a great overall package.

  • Colin - Data Science

    Rebaz Has

    ​Working with Rebaz to land a position as a data scientist was a pleasure. He's knowledgable and insightful, and he helped to coach me through the recruiting process to then receive an offer quickly. He is both professional and very personable. During my next job search, I hope to work together again.

  • Kyle - Data Science

    Rebaz Has

    ​When Rebaz first contacted me I was not yet considering a new role, however, I told him some conditions that would interest me. Within hours he had matched me with something unique challenging and a good fit. I would highly recommend Rebaz to both employers and candidates as he is able to connect with people not currently looking and only present them with offers that fit well.

  • Sharon - Data Science

    Rebaz Has

    ​Rebaz greatly facilitated my last job search and interview process. He was responsive to what I looked for in a job, and connected me with the right people within the company so that I had very productive dialogues during my interviews. He also followed up with the company recruiters promptly and kept the ball rolling!

  • Ian - Engineering

    Daniel Hirsch

    ​Daniel is a first-rate recruiter with competence that defies his years. His passion for mobile (Android in particular) and enthusiasm is infectious. He's the only recruiter I've worked with who has gone off and read up about the tech we're working with. Daniel worked tirelessly to find and place a high caliber Android developer with us. I look forward to working with Daniel again in the future.

  • Austin - Senior iOS Developer

    Daniel Hirsch

    ​Daniel was very invested in my placement and success. He put in the effort to learn what I'd need to know to do well at the position so I could prep effectively and he kept in contact often to make sure I had everything I needed to succeed and had feedback as soon as possible. Will definitely work with again when needed!

  • Pak - Front-End Developer

    Daniel Hirsch

    ​Daniel is an incredibly proactive, hardworking, and personable recruiter. In addition, his passion and enthusiasm for technology really shines through and sets him apart from many of the recruiters out there. He's definitely amongst the best recruiters I've worked with.

  • Melvin - Director

    Daniel Hirsch

    ​Daniel has a great track record with delivering a great service to both clients and candidates and if you know him personally it's not a surprise why he is so respected in the industry. Daniel doesn't merely treat his candidates and clients as a means to an end but genuinely cares about the people he works with and this is evidenced in his delivery. His sincerity and honesty directs his dealings with people in the market place and he exhibits all the values that a recruiter, or indeed any person dealing with people should demonstrate. I highly recommend Daniel not only in business but also as a friend.

  • Julie - Customer Success Manager

    Oliver Lauder

    ​Very driven individual towards getting the appropriate conditions for my next role. He was instrumental in making sure my conditions were met by my next employer. He always followed up on the progress fairly without getting intrusive. I'd 100% recommend him.

  • Sanjay - Cyber Security

    Kiel O'Mara

    ​Kiel is a very seasoned recruiter who understands the expectation on both sides and deliver the best outcome in an extremely professional manner. Kiel's commitment, open and honest communication is something which I have found quite impressive and incomparable. It became evident to me in my interaction with Kiel that if you get a second call from him, you are almost at the next round of the process (if not final)! That's the level of trust Kiel's clientele has in him. He takes a genuine interest in the client and candidate to make sure that he achieves the best outcome for all. It has been a pleasure working with you Kiel. All the best!

  • Yelena - Lead Engineer

    Aria Mahsoul

    ​The words “quick”, “efficient” and “attentive” come to mind when I think about Aria. I have had the pleasure of working with Aria when I was looking for the next move in my career during which Aria helped me to identify and connect with my potential employer. I was impressed at how quickly Aria contacted me after the initial application via Linked In. After a very brief conversation, he helped me with reviewing and identifying the potential match to my career interest and getting in touch with the hiring manager. I think it only took a couple of days to get the interview because I couldn’t respond to him quickly enough! :-) Consider getting in touch with Aria if you have a career change on your mind, he will be very helpful in guiding you through the process and in helping you to quickly identify and reach the desired outcome.

  • Martina - Candidate

    Hannah D'Souza

    ​"I had the pleasure of working with Hannah to secure a new placement earlier this year and it was a seamless process from start to finish - all thanks to Hannah. Hannah is highly efficient, driven and articulate, she possesses strong negotiation skills whilst always remaining the model professional, coupled with a very keen eye for matching skills and ability - I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a recruitment consultant who really understands the personal and progressive career aspects of employment."

  • Eugene - Data Scientist Candidate

    Rebaz Has

    ​"Rebaz connected me with a Data Science Consultant opportunity. When I informed Rebaz I had a competing offer, Rebaz strongly negotiated an offer for me and helped me secure relocation. Moreover, even after he placed me in the data science role, he connects up with me to suggest MeetUps and other events to go to find a community. Super professional and friendly!"

  • Jorge - Cyber Security

    Oliver Lauder

    ​"Oliver is an extremely personable, talented, tenacious recruiter. All with a great attitude to work and the placement. He took on board all the information to make sure that, not only was I a suitable match for the role he was trying to fill, but also that the company and role was meeting my personal, professional and developmental needs as well. Oliver was extremely easy to talk to, very communicative and provided updates at every stage of the process, negotiated with my expectations in mind and took calls from me/the company after hours and on weekends. I would definitely recommend and wouldn't hesitate to use him again in the future."